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    Steps to self publishing

    Write a book

    The first stage is where most writers fail. Write the book and then everything else can follow. It is unusually difficult to have a completed book. Pass this stage first then move on to the next stage.

    Choose a title

    Choosing a title is vital in both marketing and clarity. People read the title first before they read the book. Make sure your book title is catchy at the same time reflecting well on the story that you are trying to tell.

    Design book cover

    Just like the title a book cover contributes a lot when it comes to conversions. You would want your book cover to be very catchy and enticing to potential readers. You can use software like Canva to create book covers.

    Get feedback before publishing

    Before publishing get feedback on your book. Feedback can come from friends or family. It is very important to get other people's opinion on your book before you publish it. All books are written for people to read so this stage is important.

    Hire a book editor

    Book editors are very important for all writers regardless of how good you might be as a writer. When writing it is very difficult to see your own mistakes and typos, but an editor will leave no stone unturned.

    Price and publish

    When all is done then comes the much awaited moment. Choose the publisher you want to work with and check their rates. This is the point where our coaching comes handy the most. Book a free 15 minute consultation with us today.

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