Do you have time to rest?

Here are three tips for you on how to prioritize rest.

The image is meant to show how beautiful resting is in the form of taking a nap.

Tip #1 Work out how many hours a day that you are awake – 5am -10pm?-6am-11pm?

Tip #2: Find pocket holes of time that you could use for rest throughout the day.

At work – Tea break lunch break commute.

Give your voice and mind regular breaks.

At home- Take naps when your little one is asleep.

If your children have screen time, that is a good opportunity to read or “rest your eyes”.

Tip #3: After 7pm each evening take 10 minutes to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… .or at least work through the small pile of books 📚 word-search puzzles or magazines!

In order to be ready for each day, we simply have to prioritise

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